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We are proud supporters of ALL members of our community! One of Beautiful Paducah's five pillars of civic engagement is Arts & Diversity, and we were absolutely honored to help our friends out in the LGBTQ+ community for our 1st Annual Paducah PrideFest! So much love and hard work has went into creating this event by the PrideFest planning committee & volunteers - we truly can't wait to watch this festival grow and flourish for years to come! 

Being that Paducah is a UNESCO Creative City, full of art an beauty - We will be taking a portion of the funds raised from PrideFest to contract a LGBTQ+ mural in downtown Paducah that celebrates unity, equality, diversity, and love most of all.  Stay tuned - we will be releasing pictures of the proposed art piece in the near future! The remainder of the left over funds raised at this year's PrideFest event will go into bringing you an even better 2nd Annual Paducah PrideFest!  We have plans to create more activities, experiences, and resources for the LGBTQ+ youth - we know how important it is to ensure they have a safe place to express themselves and ask questions if needed! We will be also introducing a PrideFest parade - which is such an important liberating experience & cultural celebration that we want to offer our LGBTQ+ community! Lastly, we will plan to create a series of potential civic engagement options for 2023's PrideFest that we will allow those in attendance to vote on.  Which ever initiative wins the vote, is the initiative we will use the funds raised from the festival to achieve! Our mission is, and always will be -- to continue making Paducah Beautiful!

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