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Today, we are focusing on all things that pertain to the FREE Public Services we have made available for the community at this year's BBQ festival!

This includes disabled/elderly/pregnant festival transportation services, parking/Trolley services, our newly added baby changing & private breastfeeding station, public seating, and emergency services location/info!

Disabled/Elderly/Pregnant sevices: Limited handicap parellel parking will be available, first come first serve daily, on Monroe St. (Between 2nd Street & 3rd Street).

SUGGESTED: utilize our disabled/elderly/pregnant drop-off services! Our FREE Trolley service will be making continuous rounds for pick-up/drop-off at many of the larger downtown parking lots (please refer to Trolley map for times & parking lot locations that are included in this service).

THE FREE TROLLEY IS NOT ADA ACCESSIBLE! So this service is perfect for the elderly, handicap, & pregnant who do not use mobility equipment.

The other option available for ALL disabled, elderly, and pregnant that does accommodate ADA needs, is our drop-off service. We have partnered with the National Quilt Museum to create a drop-off and pick-up location in their parking lot, close to the festival grounds, that you can have a friend, family member, or cab use.


From there, we will also have three designated areas spreadout throughout the festival grounds, with a focus on transport across the city's gravel lot on the "wet side of the floodwall" - if you are elderly/disabled/pregnant, you will be able to catch a golf cart ride to any of the drop-off/pick-up locations (and anywhere along the golf cart loop) so that you have access to the booths that may be harder to get to.

(Please refer to the Public Service Map and look for the "yellow stars" to view the golf cart drop-off/pick-up locations - a large version of this map will be located on the festival grounds on the Monroe Street & 2nd Street intersection).

New Parent/Gaurdian & New Mother Services: We understand that portable restrooms are not always the best when you need to change your little one or if you are looking for a more sanitary & private location to feed your infant. That is why this year we are proud to introduce our Baby Changing & Breastfeeding Station!

This private tent area will be located near the restrooms & flood wall opening at Madison Street & North 2nd Street (Across from the Emergency Services and across the street from the kids area).

We have teamed up with our amazing friends from the Paducah Paducah Tilghman High School Band of Blue Boosters - their color guard Troupe will be overseeing the space as a fundraiser!

There will be 3 private baby changing stations & 2 private breastfeeding pop-up tents available, so please take advantage!

Public Seating:

Please refer to all of the "green x's" on the Public Service Map, these are the main, concentrated areas where you will be able to find free public seating during the event. Many of the larger cookers will be offering seating within their booths, and in addition to this - we have done our best to offer plenty of options throughout the festival grounds!

Please make note there will be 2 covered/shaded free public seating areas. A 20'×40' tent on the small grassy island in the concrete lot on the "wet side" of the wall - & under the Farmer's Market next to the Grassroots Stage.

Emergency Services:

Please take a moment to get acclimated with the location of all Emergency Services On Madison Street (Between 2nd Street & 3rd Street) in the case that you, a loved one, or even a stranger is need of assistance during the festival! If you see anyone that is wearing a BBQ on the River shirt with "STAFF" or "VOLUNTEER" on the back, do be afraid to ask for assistance!

PD, Fire, & EMS will have mobile units who can dispatch & the resources necessary to assist!

In addition, we will have both on-duty & off-duty police/security on the festival grounds AT ALL TIMES - this includes after festival hours! PD has graciously dropped extra "Eye in the Sky" cameras strategically throughout the festival grounds to offer added security!

Lost & Found: If you lose or misplace any personal possesions during the festival - please go to the Beautiful Paducah HQ! If you find anything that may be of value to another individual during the festival - please be kind and take it to the Beautiful Paducah HQ!

This is a community festival, so be good to one another, be safe, take advantage of our free public services, and have fun at the 29th Annual BBQ on the River!

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